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Announcement from PikaPay




The founders of PikaPay are involved in a disagreement about the future of the enterprise. During the process of resolving this disagreement, one of the founders has taken the unusual step of unilaterally shutting down the service.

No opportunity was given to any others to communicate to the users and potential users of the service.  Measures are being taken to resolve the disagreement and investigate.  This development is an unfortunate inconvenience to everyone involved and makes the following announcement necessary on behalf of the other founder and majority interest holder.

In our view the shutdown is an unauthorized and unwarranted activity.  We plan on resolving the disagreement with this co-founder and coming back stronger than ever.  In the meantime we welcome direct communication with past, current, and potential future users as well as other interest holders in PikaPay as we work out the best possible solution for all parties concerned.  We intend to make up for any inconvenience that has been caused, and request that you write to us directly about any issues.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Richard Kohl

You can reach the founders of PikaPay at the following address and email:

Singel 250
Postbus 11103
1001 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 284 00112

E-mail: Hello (at) Bitcoin Wednesday (dot) com


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