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January 2019

Blockchain and Sustainability

Horst Treiblmaier is a professor of International Management at MODUL University Vienna and a board member of the “City of Blockchain”, a Vienna-based organization that promotes the use of Blockchain technology to create smart sustainable cities.

New Year’s Reception

Adam and Iddo and the Block of Genesis The 67th Bitcoin Wednesday, our annual New Year’s Reception, will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis Block.  It will be held […]

December 2018


Alexander Zaidelson is CEO of Beam, the world’s second implementation of the anonymous-by-default Mimblewimble protocol. He is a veteran of the Israeli startup scene, was co-founder of the P2P file-sharing company, Nareos, and desktop dictionary, Wikitup, as well as an investor in Israeli growth- and late-stage companies.

Space Mesh

Iddo Bentov is Chief Scientist of Spacemesh, which raised $15 million in a series A financing round led by Polychain Capital in September, 2018. He is a postdoc in cryptocurrency and cryptography at Cornell University who has been involved in cryptocurrencies since mid-2011 and is responsible for a substantial part of the design work upon which Spacemesh is based.

Adam Ficsor

Adam Ficsor, widely known as nopara73, is co-founder and CTO of zkSNACKS, which is responsible for the Wasabi, privacy-oriented Bitcoin wallet that has integrated Tor, CoinJoin and coin control features. He is an accomplished developer — among the most active Github contributors in the sector and the author of more than 100 articles on privacy. He has appeared at many conferences and has worked tirelessly to improve the privacy of Bitcoin.

How To Prove You Forgot Something

Karyl Fowler is CEO of Austin, Texas-based Transmute Industries, a decentralized app engine for teams, which integrates enterprise cloud infrastructure and blockchain technologies. She previously served as Business Development Manager and Marketing Director of chipmaker Novati Technologies and Economic Development Manager for the Austin, Texas Chamber of Commerce.


Olivier de Jong is the CEO and founder of Airwave, a decentralized communications network which aims to apply distributed ledger technology to peer-to-peer audio and video chat without compromising usability or privacy. He has focussed on software development, peer-to-peer technologies and decentralized systems, and previously worked for another online video startup and Youmine, a Dutch company that collected and aggregated special offers and daily deals like those offered by Groupon.

How is Arbitrage Done?

Adrian Biłgorajski is the founder and CEO of Ganesa Technologies, which develops software for the cryptocurrency sector, including the Arbitool scanner for identifying arbitrage opportunities. He is also an expert trader with a certificate from the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics Stock Market Trading School.

Intro to Cosmos and Tendermint

Cosmos: The Network of Blockchains What if you could safely transfer any token on any other blockchain or change one type of token into another token in the blink of […]

Bitcoin Wednesday 66

The 66th Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 5 December, 2018. Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend. The complete program for this event will […]