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April 2020

Scytale Ventures

Astrid Woollard is a Partner at Scytale Ventures. a fund investing in blockchain and related technologies.

Bitcoin Wednesday 82

In response to the C19 emergency, the 82nd edition of Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 April, 2020 will be streamed online and be free to attend. Please RSVP as soon as […]

March 2020

Community Currency in Kenya

Will Ruddick, the director of Grassroots Economics, will present his experiences in community currency and the development of local economies in the face of the C19 pandemic. He has developed three community currency programs in Kenya since 2010, and previously served as Bancor’s Director of Community Currencies, where he applied blockchain tech to local situations.

Preventing Fraud

Dejan Davidovic is COO and Co-founder of Kriptomat, an Estonian-based cryptocurrency exchange. He previously led a full-service marketing agency in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bitcoin Wednesday 81

The 81st edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will cover decentral, self-sovereign identity.  It will be held in Amsterdam on 4 March, 2020. Doors open at 1800.  Program starts at 1900.   […]

Jacob Boersma Discussed Blockchain Identity

Jacob Boersma is a pioneer in the subject of decentralized identity and blockchain tech. He was the founder of Deloitte’s blockchain practice in The Netherlands, and led the development of strategy and technology for their blockchain team for four years. His career in digital identity, authentication and authorization dates back even earlier, to 2000, and he has been a consultant on decentralized applications, online payments and cryptocurrency since 2013. 

Andy Bryant Explains BitFlyer

Andy Bryant is COO of bitFlyer Europe. BitFlyer is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the market leader in Japan.  Before coming to bitFlyer he served as CEO of an AI startup, COO of the M&A advisory BDA Partners and a robotics engineer.

February 2020


Mark Spanbroek is a software designer at Philips. He belongs to the team responsible for Cogito, an open source self-sovereign identity management eco-system.

Bitcoin Wednesday 80

The 80th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 5 February, 2020. Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend. The early bird tickets […]

January 2020

Anne Haubo Dyhrberg Explained Bitcoin Adoption Metrics

Anne Haubo Dyhrberg is a researcher at the University of Sydney Department of Finance. Her work is focused on studying the micro-structure of cryptocurrency markets, specifically their transaction costs and liquidity.