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April 2019

Craig Steven Wright

Dr. Craig Steven Wright, Chief Scientist of nChain, claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. He is one of the most controversial speakers ever to present at Bitcoin Wednesday.


Saul Schwartzbach is an authority on cybersecurity, network architecture and cloud computing. He serves as CTO of Prestige IT, maker of the FrostByte software for enterprise key management, and will give a live, interactive demo of this solution.

Scaling Bitcoin

István András Seres is a Hungarian researcher who studies the Lightning Network at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. He will present his research on “The Shape of Lightning: The Topology of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.”


Edmund Lowell is the founder of SelfKey, a solution for secure, self-sovereign identity based on Blockchain technology. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built Fintech and Regtech products including Incorporations.io and KYC-Chain.com, and has provided KYC solutions for some of the biggest ICOs.

Amsterdam CoinFest Edition

Amsterdam’s official CoinFest Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held on April, 2019. For CoinFest this year, we’ll have a free reception before the conference. Network reception with music: 1800 […]

March 2019

Quantum-Proof Bitcoin

Jin Liuis the Chairman of ABCMint Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting the research and application of post-quantum cryptography for blockchain technology. He was previously an angel investor, and has been a mentor and board member for more than a dozen mobile Internet companies.

Private Key Security

Adrijan Šćekić is Co-Founder of Cryptotag, a kit for securely and permanently storing private key information into solid Titanium plates. He previously led corporate sales teams as an account manager for Ziggo, Vodafon and KPN.

Blockchain on the Bus

Jochem Verheul is CEO of VMC, which aims to transform the public transportation industry with blockchain applications. He previously spent 9 years at the helm of the software and interaction design company Itsavirus, which played a role in the early development of Effect.AI until January 2018

Safe Storage

Maarten Geerlings is Co-Founder of Cryptotag, a backup system for private keys that allows users to safely engrave them into solid Titanium plates. Before Cryptotag, he worked as a radio DJ and, more recently the director of radio station FunX that broadcasts music for young people between the age of 15 and 34.

Fraud Proofs

Mustafa Al Bassam co-founded the sharded blockchain startup ChainSpace in 2018, which was acquired by Facebook in 2019. He is completing his PhD on Blockchain Scaling at the University College London.