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June 2015

The Legacy of Silk Road Part 2 – Decentralized Marketplaces

Soon after BitcoinWednesday released a piece about The Legacy of Silk Road, a reader pointed out a story in The Economist called “Silk Road’s Successors” which reprinted the following chart on the […]

May 2015

The Legacy of Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht’s Life Sentence

The New York Times’ Benjamin Weiser reports the following in this article on the notorious Silk Road marketplace: During the brief time that Silk Road operated between February 2011 and the time […]


Profile: Angel Malecore

Angel Malecore is the founder of Chainbot, which he calls a “hardware decentralizer.”  It is a small, powerful, low-cost device that also functions as a plug-and-play node for various blockchain-based […]


Profile: Wessel Reijers

Wessel Reijers is a digital currency researcher at Dublin City University’s Institute of Ethics in the ADAPT project, a global center of excellence for digital content and media innovation.  His […]



Denis Roio, also known as Jaromil, is the creator of Zenroom, a virtual machine designed for fast cryptographic operations which has been used by the city of Amsterdam. He is Co-Founder and CTO of the open-source software house Dyne, and has contributed to Bitcoin core and blockchain development since 2011.


Bitcoin World Power Ranking for Meetups

In March and April 2015 Bitcoin Wednesday rose to the top of the list in the Bitcoin World Power Ranking for Bitcoin Meetups around the world.   We’ve been in the […]


Profile: Andrei Martchouk

Andrei Martchouk is CEO of Yacuna, a London- and Zurich-based Blockchain solutions provider and international trading platform for digital currencies.  His keynote for Bitcoin Wednesday #24 on 3 June 2015 is […]


Profile: Jasper Damman

The program for Bitcoin Wednesday #24 includes our first look at the use of virtual currency inside video games by Jasper Damman. Jasper is a game designer for game development […]

Bitcoin Wednesday 23

Click here to register for free. On the 6 May, 2015, Bitcoin Wednesday presents Maidsafe, a company from the front rank of the digital currency revolution, and one of the […]

April 2015

Profile Folding Coin

Watch the presentation by Folding Coin at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 May 2015. Registration for this event is free. Profile Folding Coin FoldingCoin is an incentive for bitcoin miners to […]