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February 2015

Bitcoin Wednesday #20

To mark the date of 4 February, 2015 and the 20th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday, the Dutch digital currency community in The Netherlands is proud to present… …another inspiring evening […]


News: Bitcoin Wednesday #20

Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger will be here from Paris to present the Ledger hardware wallet on a USB. He’ll also show the new NFC wallet, the Proton, just unveiled […]


News: Bitcoin Wednesday #20

Coinbase has announced a $75 million dollar “C” with investment from none other than the NYSE. Are dominant, centralized Bitcoin services just around the corner? Voting with Ethereum Contracts: Jasper […]


What Happened to Democracy? Bitvote at Bitcoin Wednesday

All over the world public spending and government debt is soaring.  Communities suffer from chronic unemployment and underemployment.  Many are still in deep recession or close to the brink of […]

January 2015

Profile: Peter Kirby of Factom

Peter Kirby, president of Factom, will talk at Bitcoin Wednesday #20 about what makes his service valuable.  His presentation will be “Factom: Securing the World’s Records with Blockchain Technology“. One of […]


Profile: Bart Witteman of Deloitte

Bart Witteman from Deloitte will give a presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday #20 on the subject of privacy, big data and Bitcoin transaction data. Bart received his degree from Delft in […]


Profile: Eric Larchevêque of Ledger

On Wednesday, 4 February 2015, at Bitcoin Wednesday #20, Eric Larchevêque will present the Ledger Wallet.  Ledger is a hardware Bitcoin wallet, a smartcard-based product designed to protect bitcoins against threats such […]

Bitcoin Wednesday nieuwjaarsborrel 2015

Bitcoin Wednesday reconvenes in 2015 with a nieuwjaarsborrel on 7 January: an evening of networking, drinking and enjoying thought-provoking presentations about the digital currency revolution. What makes Amsterdam and The […]

December 2014


The best and longest-running monthly digital currency event in Netherlands takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. A free and informal conference and networking event for anyone interested […]


Presenting the Digital Currency Revolution…

Held in Amsterdam on the first Wednesday of the month Bitcoin Wednesday is The Netherlands’ longest-running monthly conference for digital currencies. The topics covered during this event — from technology to economy, […]