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Bitcoin Wednesday is also Blockchain Wednesday

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Bitcoin Wednesday has always been Blockchain Wednesday.  Since its genesis in 2013, Bitcoin Wednesday has been all about the blockchain.  What is new is that the domain name BlockchainWednesday.co now also redirects here to help people find us better.

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is also the inventor of the blockchain.  The blockchain is one of the fundamental technologies behind Bitcoin.  The two terms are closely related and have frequently been used interchangeably.  Bitcoin is the world’s first, the oldest, original blockchain, and the most proven and tested.  With a market cap of about $10 billion it is also arguably the world’s most accepted, most successful and most secure.  In terms of its mind share, Bitcoin is widely considered a de facto standard, in many ways even a gold standard among blockchains, if not the gold standard of the future, period.

At the same time it’s also as clear as crystal that there’s a powerful, global trend toward decentralization and a widespread use of public key cryptography that reaches beyond one blockchain solution and that benefits everyone.  The blockchain or digital currency revolution will have a transformational influence on many industries.  We can learn from the different approaches even when we don’t agree with them — i.e. permissioned or permissionless blockchains, hard or soft forks, large or small block sizes, and so on.  We ignore or actively dismiss the various innovations taking place in all corners of the world at our own risk: The digital divide and the concentration of power and wealth of the last 30 years is not a mirage, and it may get a lot worse.

Bitcoin Wednesday or Blockchain Wednesday, whatever you choose to call it, the commitment to Bitcoin will remain.  The monthly conference will continue to explore all sides of the ongoing debate as it aims to be a forum for sharing information and a breeding ground for new ideas in the sector.


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