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December 2016

“Streaming Money” Keynote: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Says “Bitcoin Is An Incubator For Black Swans”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos delivered this exceptional keynote on “Streaming Money” at the Special Edition of the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam on 19 October, 2016. This presentation is full of gems.  At 49’10” he says, “Bitcoin is an incubator for black swans.”  At 22’45” he explains what happens when we start streaming money, […]

November 2016

Video: Pamela Morgan of Third Key Solutions on The Essentials of Bitcoin Security

Pamela Morgan is a colleague of Andreas Antonopoulos at Third Key Solutions.  During the Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday held on 19 October 2016 she gave this extremely practical and informative talk about Bitcoin security. Her presentation covers security essentials for both beginners and more experienced users and is really a must watch. A detailled […]

October 2016

Profile: Andreas Antonopoulos

On Bitcoin Wednesday’s Special Edition on 19 October 2016, we’ll hear from one of the world’s most prominent authorities and visionaries on the subject of Bitcoin, Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Mr. Antonopoulos, who is half-Greek, half-British, first became fascinated by information technology as a young child in Greece.  He later went to the University College of London […]


Profile: Pamela Morgan of Third Key Solutions

Pamela Morgan is the CEO of Third Key Solutions LLC, an attorney at Empowered Law, a board member at the non-profit CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium as well as an advisor to many other companies in the industry. Ms. Morgan is a widely respected authority on multi-signature governance and legal innovation using digital currencies.  An attorney, educator, […]

July 2016

Video: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Demystifies Bitcoin Mining

“Bitcoin Mining Demystified” is a presentation given by Andreas M. Antonopoulos via video conference at Lab111’s Cinema to celebrate Coinfest during Bitcoin Wednesday on  6 April, 2016.  Mr. Antonopoulos is one of the world’s leading authorities on Bitcoin and the blockchain.  A detailled profile of Mr. Antonopoulos can be found here. In the marketplace there […]

December 2015

Impressions from the 2nd Annual Bitcoin Film Festival in Amsterdam

Here are some quick notes and impressions from the 2nd Annual Bitcoin Film Festival in Amsterdam, which was held at The Melkweg last week. Bitcoin Wednesday was fortunate to be at the Melkweg.  This venue is one of the country’s best-known concert halls, located in the heart of the city, at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam’s “Satoshi […]

July 2015

Andreas Antonopoulos on Privacy and Data Collection

Buried at the tail end of a long interview with Andreas Antonopoulos are a number of sharp observations about the relationship between the digital currency revolution and civil rights on the Internet.  Mr. Antonopoulos’ comments on privacy and mass surveillance are especially interesting in light of the upcoming keynote address to be given on 5 […]