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April 2017

Bancor Interview

Interview with Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog of Bancor The following interview with Bancor’s founders, Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog, took place before Bitcoin Wednesday’s Special Event on 12 April 2017 at Makerversity in Amsterdam. Interviewer: Hi. we’re sitting here with the co-founders of the Bancor Protocol. So can you tell us something about you, […]

December 2015

Exclusive Interview with Evan Duffield

This exclusive interview with Evan Duffield, creator of the anonymous cryptocurrency Dash, was recorded in Amsterdam for Bitcoin Wednesday on 14 October, 2015. Excerpts from this interview were screened in their world premiere in the cinema of the Melkweg concert hall during The 2nd Annual Bitcoin Film Festival. ┬áSome impressions of the film festival are […]