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November 2016

Governance and the Blockchain : The Final Frontier

Climate change, economy, unemployment, immigration, regulatory capture and so many other of the world’s greatest problems, consistently frustrate the efforts of national governments and politicians.  It seems they can no longer be solved by the efforts of a single country, but require an increasingly global and decentralized perspective. Enter the blockchain, a borderless solution with […]


NSA / GCHQ Tapped Security System Designed By Mike Hearn

Between 2010 and 2013 former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn, then a tech lead at Google’s offices in Zurich, Switzerland, designed a security system that was later tapped by the NSA and GCHQ.  The Snowden leaks and other confidential sources to the Washington Post revealed the existence of the surveillance taps in late 2013. In a piece […]

October 2016

Why Segregated Witness Matters

At first no one wanted it: In July 2010 a single bitcoin could be bought for just 4 euro cents — if you even knew what it was let alone where and how to buy it.  As of 29 October 2016, the technology that started the blockchain revolution, represents a market cap of more than […]


Bitcoin Wednesday is also Blockchain Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday has always been Blockchain Wednesday.  Since its genesis in 2013, Bitcoin Wednesday has been all about the blockchain.  What is new is that the domain name BlockchainWednesday.co now also redirects here to help people find us better. The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is also the inventor of the blockchain.  The blockchain is […]

June 2016

The Blockchain Education Network in The Netherlands

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s 3rd Anniversary celebration on 6 July 2016, Dean Masley will present the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), an association of student blockchain groups representing more than 150 colleges and universities around the world.  The title of Dean’s talk is Crossing the Enthusiasm Gap: How can young Blockchainers make an impact as this emergent […]


What The DAO Attack Means in The Netherlands

  The sensational $60 million theft from “The DAO” has sparked a fundamental debate about decentralization. Before I begin, the usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.  I do not hold ether or DAO tokens.  This article takes no sides and contains no legal advice. What is The DAO? The DAO is a decentralized venture capital fund built […]

May 2016

Looking Back: Craig Steven Wright and Vitalik Buterin

It should go on record that Craig Steven Wright’s claim to be Bitcoin’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was quickly and solidly rejected by the Bitcoin Core project: “There is currently no publicly available cryptographic proof that anyone in particular is Bitcoin’s creator.“ — Bitcoin Core Project (@bitcoincoreorg) May 2, 2016 On the same day, prominent security […]