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June 2017

Video: Jeff Garzik

A wonderful video from our archive: the iconic CEO of Bloq and former core developer shares his views on where the Bitcoin blockchain is headed.     For a detailled profile of Jeff see: Jeff Garzik Some subjects he covers in this talk: Enterprise Blockchain Solutions “Every time you see the word Blockchain, underneath it’s […]

May 2016

Bitcoin Wednesday Poll Results From 4 May 2016

Continuing the tradition started last year, The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands — stichting Bitcoin Nederland — conducted one of its periodic polls during Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 May 2016 to determine its priorities for the digital currency community. Just like in the past, the discussion and voting were open to anyone to participate. These poll […]

April 2016

The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands

Founded in 2013, stichting Bitcoin Nederland — The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands promotes the digital currency revolution from its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  One of its most visible projects is the monthly Bitcoin Wednesday conference series which as of April 2016 has produced 34 events about the digital currency revolution including more than […]

September 2015

Poll Results 2015

Below are the results of the two periodic polls taken for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands (stichting Bitcoin Nederland) on 5 August and 2 September, 2015.  The previous poll results taken last February can be found here. Results for 2 September 2015 Media – 15 votes Working Against Regulation – 15 votes Enabling Bank Accounts for […]

February 2015

Poll Results from Bitcoin Wednesday #20

On 4 February stichting Bitcoin Nederland, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, conducted a general poll about the needs and concerns of the Dutch digital currency community. Here are the results: Media 15 votes Working against regulation 12 votes Enabling Bank accounts for Bitcoin companies and users 21 votes Easy Full nodes for noobs 10 votes Crowdfunding […]