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April 2017

Bancor Interview

Interview with Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog of Bancor The following interview with Bancor’s founders, Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog, took place before Bitcoin Wednesday’s Special Event on 12 April…

October 2016

Why Segregated Witness Matters

At first no one wanted it: In July 2010 a single bitcoin could be bought for just 4 euro cents — if you even knew what it was let alone…


Token Distribution: Lessons Learned

The hype around token distribution campaigns continues apace in 2016.  During Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 November 2016, Dave Pearce and Bas Wisselink will talk about the lessons learned in their…

June 2016

Introducing The Ardor Blockchain Platform

New Solutions for Blockchain Scalability and Performance During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 September 2016, Bas Wisselink, a board member of the NXT Foundation, will talk about new solutions for blockchain…

April 2016

Profile: Lodewijk André de la Porte

What is the Blockchain? During Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 May, 2016, Lodewijk André de la Porte will give a presentation about the innovative potential of digital currency technology, including blockchains,…


The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands

Founded in 2013, stichting Bitcoin Nederland — The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands promotes the digital currency revolution from its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  One of its most visible…

March 2016

Bitcoin Wednesday’s Official Coinfest Amsterdam 2016

Coinfest is a global Bitcoin festival founded by Andew Wagner in Vancouver in 2013.  It is held in April of each year in cities around the world and celebrates the…