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April 2018

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016 for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands As with any endeavor that operates in the public trust, Bitcoin Wednesday is committed to transparency in its expense reporting.…

March 2018

Hotels That Accept Bitcoin in Amsterdam

How to Find Hotels that Accept Bitcoin in Amsterdam Here are some sites that offer apartments, hotels and hostels in Amsterdam and accept Bitcoin. Expedia Canal Apartments Bitcoin Travel Crypto Cribs…

February 2017

Joachim de Koning

The Internet of Coins: An Environment for Personal Finance During Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 March, 2017, Joachim de Koning, co-founder of The Internet of Coins, will present his plan to…


Profile: Brian Crain of Epicenter and Tendermint

Cosmos: The Network for Blockchains Converting one type of cryptocurrency to another usually requires going through a centralized intermediary like an exchange.  The Cosmos project plans to offer an alternative…


Profile: Evan Schwartz of Interledger

Interledger: Because The World Will Never Agree on One Blockchain Ripple was one of the first blockchains to offer its users the ability to transact in different currencies, so it…

January 2017

Iskander Smit of Info.nl

Why The Blockchain Is Interesting for My Company Iskander Smit is Innovation Director of the Amsterdam-based creative technology agency, Info.nl.  He will be the host of Bitcoin Wednesday on 1…


Profile: Adam Vaziri of Diacle

Regulation in the EU for Digital Currency Operators: Practical Implications Despite the fact that transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain are completely transparent, many politicians around the world continue to mislead…