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February 2016

The Incentive System of Bitcoin by George Papageorgiou

At the request of many of you, and with the permission of the faculty of the world’s only accredited Master’s program at The University of Nicosia, here is George Papageorgiou’s excellent presentation from Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 February 2016 about the incentive system of Bitcoin that gives a glimpse behind the scenes at the dynamics […]

December 2015

Impressions from the 2nd Annual Bitcoin Film Festival in Amsterdam

Here are some quick notes and impressions from the 2nd Annual Bitcoin Film Festival in Amsterdam, which was held at The Melkweg last week. Bitcoin Wednesday was fortunate to be at the Melkweg.  This venue is one of the country’s best-known concert halls, located in the heart of the city, at the Leidseplein, Amsterdam’s “Satoshi […]

October 2015

Impressions from Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 October 2015

Here are some quick notes and impressions from Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 October, 2015. The Marine Terrein is a beautiful location set aside by the city as a center for innovation and sustainability.  While the facilities are still in the early phases of development, it’s brimming with possibilities, and also fitting that Bitcoin Wednesday’s digital currency pioneers […]

April 2015

Antonopoulos Video – Keynote and Q&A

Bitcoin Wednesday held in Amsterdam on 1 April 2015 was a historic moment. At the specific request of the Dutch government we had a public conversation with the Bitcoin guru Andreas M. Antonopoulos in which Mr. Antonopoulos was asked a series of questions about the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands. The questions were prepared […]


Review: Bitcoin Wednesday #22

Thanks for making last night’s Bitcoin Wednesday 22 a big success: Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Sebastian Lobato, Boaz Bechar, Ruben de Vries, Annet de Boer, Rogier Eijkelhof and to the amazing teams of Bitcoin Wednesday, stichting Bitcoin Nederland and Pakhuis de Zwijger! Thanks too to everyone who attended last night, asked great questions, participated in […]