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November 2017

Video: A Look Back at 4 October, 2017

Here are some impressions from the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference held in Amsterdam’s Oosterkerk on 4 October, 2017. Special thanks to: Sébastien Jehan, CEO of Rockchain; Michael Chin, co-founder of Blockmason; […]


Video: Cyber Capital

The introduction of blockchain technology gave rise to an innovative kind of investment, cryptocurrency tokens. However, many investors are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, and hence, may […]


Video: Grid+

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October 2017, Director of Energy at Consensys, Karl Kreder introduced one of the world’s first blockchain-based retail electricity solutions, Grid+, which enables customers to buy […]

October 2017

Video: Rockchain

During this presentation given at Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October 2017, Rockchain CEO Sébastien Jehan explained how data can be stored privately on a public blockchain with Ethereum smart contracts logic. In […]


Video: Cashaa

The global remittance industry is ready for disruption. In most cases recipients lose up to 20 percent of the transferred funds through commission to the remittance company. CEO Kumar Gaurav […]


Video: Flixxo

Adrián Garelik, founder of Flixxo, gave the following presentation of his blockchain technology-based video-sharing platform at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 September, 2017. According to Adrián, centralized video distribution platforms like […]


Video: Looking Back – 6 September 2017

Here are some impressions from the Bitcoin Wednesday Conference held on 6 September 2017 at TQ Amsterdam.   Special thanks to: Adrián Garelik, co-founder of Flixxo; Grzegorz Borowik of Golem; Ran […]