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July 2017

Video: Real-Time Data with Streamr

Henri Pikhala, CEO of Streamr, gave this intriguing demo during Bitcoin Wednesday’s 4-year anniversary edition on 5 July, 2017. He also explains why we need a decentralized infrastructure for real-time data. A detailled profile of Henri and his work on Streamr can be found here.

June 2017

Video: Anonymity on the Blockchain

This exceptional presentation on the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero was given by one of its leading core developers Riccardo Spagni during Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam on 1 June 2016. A detailled profile and an interview of Riccardo can be found here.


Video: Blockchain Technology in Context

Egbert-Jan Sol, CTO of TNO Industry, a leading research institution in The Netherlands, explained Blockchain technology in a Dutch context in this presentation given during Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 June, 2017. Dr. Sol is also an initiator of The National Blockchain Coalition.  His profile can be found here. Some of the topics he covered in […]


Video: Jeff Garzik

A wonderful video from our archive: the iconic CEO of Bloq and former core developer shares his views on where the Bitcoin blockchain is headed.     For a detailled profile of Jeff see: Jeff Garzik Some subjects he covers in this talk: Enterprise Blockchain Solutions “Every time you see the word Blockchain, underneath it’s […]


Video: Bancor for ICOs

Eyal Hertzog, Chief Architect and founder of Bancor, gave this presentation during a special edition of Bitcoin Wednesday at Makerversity in Amsterdam on 12 April 2017. Almost exactly two months later, on 12 June 2017, Bancor raised nearly 400,000 ETH in one of the world’s most successful crowdsales.

May 2017

Video: Money and Sustainability

Professor Lietaer, one of the world’s authorities on currency systems, gave this inspiring talk about sustainability and money for Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May, 2017. Here are the slides from his presentation: Bernard Lietaer’s Presentation on Money and Sustainability for Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May 2017 A detailled profile of Professor Lietaer can be found […]


Video: Currency Liquidity and Smart Contracts

At Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May 2017, Bancor’s Chief Architect and Head of Product Development, Eyal Hertzog, gave this talk about removing the barrier to liquidity for digital currencies with Ethereum smart contracts.