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Bitcoin Wednesday Privacy Policy

Bitcoin Wednesday Privacy Policy

How Does Bitcoin Wednesday Protect Privacy?

Bitcoin Wednesday’s services are discreet.  We never require a user to provide any personal information in connection with any of our products or services.  If you have provided information such as names, email addresses, session cookies, IP addresses or wallet addresses as a consequence of using our services, we do not track whether that data is personal, pseudonymous or anonymized.  For more information about digital privacy and anonymity see Epic.org.

What is Bitcoin Wednesday’s Privacy Policy?

Any request by individuals or organizations to gain access to information that you have given us will be vigorously challenged. If legally possible, Bitcoin Wednesday will notify you before responding to any law enforcement request. For all requests where we are legally compelled to provide information, we will endeavor to provide only the absolute minimum information necessary to comply with the law. In specific cases we may also legally challenge the attempt to gain access to the information.

Bitcoin Wednesday respects your privacy and stands behind your right to control the use of your personal information.  The personal information you provide us will be used only for the services for which it was intended: To provide you with information and services related to Bitcoin Wednesday as a participant in our events.  This information will not be rented, leased or sold to third parties and in any case would never be considered without your advance permission. Bitcoin Wednesday will never use personal data obtained from other sources unless you have authorized it.

We strive to restrict the amount of personal identification processed and collected, and do not continue to store or process such information after we have used it.  For example, photographic and video material used in the promotion of an event is only stored by Bitcoin Wednesday for the minimum amount of time necessary to process and then subsequently to distribute via the relevant promotional channels such as Meetup or Youtube.  After it has been uploaded to these services, local copies are deleted and no longer stored or processed internally by Bitcoin Wednesday.

While all participants at our events are considered to have explicitly opted-in and consented to our photo and video registration as well as to being informed about future events, we allow you to withdraw your consent and opt out at any time.  If you wish to attend our events without any photo or video registration, we ask you to take responsibility for opting out by sitting in the back row throughout the conference.  Other attendees and participants are asked to refrain from using recording devices throughout the event.  While we will make our best efforts to enforce this restriction on all attendees, we cannot give an ironclad guarantee that it will be observed by others under all circumstances.  In very exceptional cases, we will authorize accredited journalists to take photos, provided they receive releases from the subjects of their work.

Unauthorized use of any audio, photographic and video devices are strictly forbidden at this event.  If you have any doubt, you must ask first.

Our suppliers and service providers are chosen on the basis of their privacy awareness.  For example, Meetup allows you full control of the types of notifications you receive via their service.  Bitcoin Wednesday does not retain any user accounts, and will stop storing or processing your information after you have stopped making use of our services.  We retain only the minimum amount of accounting and administration information for auditing purposes in accordance with standard practice.

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