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Bitcoin Wednesday 111

Bitcoin Wednesday 84 Event Image

The 111th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held on 7 September, 2022, at the Vondelfontein in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

RSVP as soon as possible. Attendance is free.

BitcoinWednesday produces the longest-running Bitcoin conference in The Netherlands. In this session, an informal meeting, we will talk about the latest developments, key ideas, risks and innovations in Bitcoin and related technologies. The event will be a great opportunity for anyone interested to connect and exchange ideas about the leading innovations from the industry.

In this way, we hope that attendees can improve their understanding of key ideas behind Bitcoin and its implications for the social, technological, and political landscape of our increasingly digital world. Bitcoin maximalists and skeptics, ideologues and critics, newcomers and experts are all welcome to attend and exchange perspectives on Bitcoin.

As usual we will cover the most notable developments in the sector from the previous month, including some of the following stories:

  • Binance Unveils $500M Crypto Fund, Web 3 Infra Firms Raise Millions
  • Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Crosses 3900 BTC Marking a New ATH
  • Crypto Payments Firm Merge Raises $9.5
  • South Korean Authorities Launch Probe Into Terra Crash
  • Belarus Has Seized Millions of Dollars in Crypto, Chief Investigator Claims
  • JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is Undervalued By 28%, Cryptocurrencies Are Now A ‘Preferred Alternative Asset

We will update the list of topics to reflect the latest developments in the sector as we get closer to the event’s date.

Join us at the beautiful Vondelpark on September 7, 2022, to learn more about the revolutionary technology of Bitcoin and connect with like-minded professionals.

PUBLISHED : June 8, 2022