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Bitcoin Wednesday 30: The Bitcoin Film Festival

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One of Amsterdam’s Newest Film Festivals on 2 December 2015


To celebrate 30 consecutive months as the flagship conference on the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands, Bitcoin Wednesday is proud to present…

The Bitcoin Film Festival
Films About the Digital Currency Revolution


The Netherlands’ 2nd annual Bitcoin Film Festival will be held on 2 December 2015 is organized by Bitcoin Wednesday in cooperation with Bitfilm and more than 16 other participating cities around the world.

The festival will feature a keynote by South African writer and journalist Brett Scott, who was selected as an authority in the VPRO’s Tegenlicht documentary about Bitcoin that aired on 26 October 2015.  Mr. Scott is a journalist, financial activist and the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance.   Read more about him here.
The festival will be held at one of the most famous concert halls in Amsterdam, The Melkweg, located near the Leidseplein at Lijnbaansgracht 234a.

Amsterdam's Melkweg Concert Hall


The following works will be honored during this year’s edition of the festival:

  • Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It, a smart, highly entertaining hour-long documentary by Melbourne-based Torsten Hoffman that covers the history of money and shows how the emergence of Bitcoin fits naturally into this context.
  • Finding Satoshi Nakamoto, a humorous short film that pokes fun of the Bitcoin mythology and also appears to make a backhanded critique about the media’s seeming inability to get all the facts right.
  • Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson, an educational short animation by Tomasz Kaye who is based in The Netherlands.
  • Factom is Forever, a short animation by Joeri Pross that illustrates some of the possible non-financial applications of the Blockchain.
  • Crypto Currencies: The Gold of the Digital Age, a fascinating Russian documentary from the perspective of those living in a country where the government has expressed plans to aggressively restrict or ban many uses of the digital currency.
  • How Bitcoin is Like the Internet in the 80s, an animated short that explores Bitcoin’s impact as an innovative new payment network.
  • Ulterior States, a thought-provoking hour-long documentary by Tomer Kantor that explores some of the philosophical, political and ideological motivations of the digital currency revolution through the thoughts and words of many of the movement’s best-known activists, technologists and thinkers.
  • Life on Bitcoin, a reality-TV-style documentary about an American newlywed’s decision to live the first 30 days of their married life only on Bitcoin.
  • A world-premiere of interview footage of Evan Duffield, the creator of the anonymous digital currency Dash.  In these scenes the young film maker asks Evan about the early days of the cryptocurrency that Wired UK would later call “Bitcoin’s nefarious cousin.”


The program will also include:



Robert Nederhoed, founder of BitMyMoneyOne of the country’s first Bitcoin entrepreneurs, Robert-Reinder Nederhoed, founder of Bitmymoney, on what it’s like to be running a Bitcoin business in The Netherlands and why he thinks the world could be a better place through Bitcoin.





Thomas Kemmere of Bitcoin UitlegThomas Kemmere, professional trainer and founder of Bitcoin Uitleg, will give an introduction to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.





Toufic AlRjoulaCryptocurrency adviser Toufic AlRjoula or “Tey” who holds a certificate from the University of Nicosia will explain in clear language exactly what a bitcoin is.




Joeri ProssJoeri Pross, a motion graphics designer from Alkmaar, The Netherlands who has created animations for Factom, Shapeshift and Bitcoin.com, will introduce one of his own works.





You are invited to join us once again on 2 December 2015 for yet another program revolving around the important recurring theme of cryptocurrencies in Dutch society. As you’ve come to expect, networking will be at the heart of this event: run into your old, familiar Bitcoin Wednesday friends and colleagues and tell stories about the early days; meet the newcomers and share your ideas about the future. After a number of thought-provoking conference presentations, there will be ample opportunity for networking at the bar.

Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of December so that we can raise a toast together to the increasing role of Bitcoin in Dutch society.

So that the digital currency revolution leaves no one behind, bring your colleagues, friends, family and neighbors with you.

Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in digital currencies or the related technologies, a great chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Mark it down in your agenda; join us on Wednesday, 2 December:

The film festival runs from 1900 – 2330.

Dinner will be served from 1700 – 1900.

Presentations, discussions and an intro to Bitcoin are from 1500 – 1900.

but we gather earlier at the bar for networking.

PUBLISHED : August 19, 2015