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Bitcoin Wednesday 56

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The 56th Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 7 February, 2018.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend.

The complete program for this event will be published here as soon as possible and updated regularly.


Check back soonest for the full program.

You are invited to join us once again for this upcoming edition of Bitcoin Wednesday, including another program revolving around the important recurring theme of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in Dutch society. As you’ve come to expect, networking will be at the heart of this event: run into your old, familiar Bitcoin Wednesday friends and colleagues and tell stories about the early days; meet the newcomers and share your ideas about the future. After a number of thought-provoking conference presentations, there will be ample opportunity for networking at the bar.

Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of the month so that we can raise a toast together to the increasing role of Bitcoin in Dutch society. Please take note:

  • So that the digital currency revolution leaves no one behind, please bring colleagues, friends, family and neighbors with you.
  • Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in blockchains, digital currencies or related technologies, a great chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Mark it down in your agenda; join us on the first Wednesday of every month. The conference itself usually begins at 19:00, but we gather earlier at the bar for networking.

For all Bitcoin Wednesday conferences, space is limited and advance registration is always required.

Sign up now for Bitcoin Wednesday.

PUBLISHED : November 3, 2017
Chris de Rose of Bitcoin Uncensored
Chris DeRose, Host of Bitcoin Uncensored

Chris DeRose is the irreverent host of the podcast Bitcoin Uncensored. He is an avid writer, podcaster and political commentator, he has been involved with cryptocurrency ever since reading Bitcoin's earliest announcement on Slashdot back in 2010.

Gabriel Kurman, co-founder of RSK Labs, Rootstock
Gabriel Kurman, Co-founder of RSK

Gabriel Kurman is a co-founder of RSK Labs, also known as Rootstock, one of the world's first, Turing-complete blockchains that enables smart contracts secured by the Bitcoin network. Gabriel is an economist who studied with at the University of Buenos Aires and has a decade of experience with corporate and private equity and M&A.

Lotte Houwing of the Public Interest Litigation Project
Lotte Houwing, File coordinator at Sleepwet

Lotte Houwingis a file coordinator for the Sleepwet at the Public Interest Litigation Project, a five-year project of The Jurists' Commission for Human Rights in The Netherlands. She will talk about fighting mass surveillance through strategic litigation.

Nine de Vries of Amnesty International
Nine de Vries, Project Officer at Amnesty International Security

Nine de Vries is a project officer for Amnesty International's Security and Human Rights Program in the Netherlands. In this role she concentrates on the subject of state-sponsored communications surveillance and what her organization considers the flaws in the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act of 2017.

Eyal Ron Core Developer Bisq
Ian Grigg, Founder of EOS

Ian Grigg is one of the pioneers of financial cryptography. He is the creator of the Ricardian Contract, a secure approach to registering the intent of a legal agreement in a system like a work a work of software. He also co-invented triple-entry accounting, an early form of shared ledger like that used in today's blockchains.

Terrorism Expert Teun van Dongen
Teun van Dongen, Counterterrorism Expert

Teun van Dongen is a lecturer at Leiden University and an expert on terrorism. He previously worked as a policy analyst at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS), a think tank in The Netherlands, and has served the Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism.

Jordan Earls, Co-founder of Qtum
Jordan Earls, Co-founder of Qtum

Jordan Earls is the lead developer and co-founder of Qtum, a hybrid blockchain that integrates a modified version of the Bitcoin core network infrastructure with an enhanced version of Ethereum's Virtual Machine. He will talk about this enhancement, known as the x86 VM, which provides an x86-compatible operating system for decentralized applications.

Bitnation's Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof
Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Founder of Bitnation

Susanne Tarkowski is the notorious CEO of Bitnation, one of the world’s first functioning virtual countries that provides blockchain-based IDs, public notarial services, education and p2p insurance. She is also the author of The Googlement: The DIY Guide To Starting Your Own Nation.

Hans de Zwart Executive Director of Bits of Freedom
Hans de Zwart, Executive Director of Bits of Freedom

Hans de Zwart is the executive director of Bits of Freedom, the leading Dutch organization for digital citizen's rights. He returns to Bitcoin Wednesday to talk about the surveillance state and the upcoming national referendum on the new law known as the Sleepwet.

Francisco van Jole, tech journalist
Francisco van Jole, Editor of Joop

Tech journalist Francisco van Jole will be session chair on 7 February 2017. Francisco is currently the editor of Joop, the news and opinion site of Dutch broadcaster BNN VARA. He has appeared frequently on various television and radio programs and has covered science and technology for many newspapers and magazines, including De Volkskrant.

Stéphane Ifrah, CEO of NapoleonX
Stephane Ifrah, CEO of NapoleonX

Stéphane Ifrah is the CEO of NapoleonX, one of the first cryptocurrency asset management companies specialized in programmable or algorithmic trading. He was previously an asset manager for more than 12 years, and started developing quantitative models while managing several billion euros of assets for BNP Paribas.

Jean Charles Dudek of Napoleon Capital
Jean-Charles Dudek, CSO of NapoleonX

Jean-Charles Dudek is CSO of NapoleonX, an algorithmic trading company specialized in cryptocurrencies. He is a former banker with more than 12 years experience working for tier 1 banks.  He previously worked as Head of Active Protected Fund Management at BNPP AM where he had a portfolio of more than € 3 billion assets under management (AUM).