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Bitcoin Wednesday 57

Bitcoin Wednesday 57

The 57th Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 7 March, 2018.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend.

The complete program for this event will be published here as soon as possible and updated regularly.


PUBLISHED : November 3, 2017
Joao Alberto Martins, VP Business Development, Birdchain Vertex

João Martins is VP Business Development for Birdchain in Vilnuis, Lithuania. Birdchain is a blockchain-based app that rewards users for their unused SMS with cryptocurrency.

Igor Shoifot, Founding Partner TMT Crypto Fund
Igor Shoifot

Igor Shoifot is a founding partner of the TMT CryptoFund, a $60M investment fund for early stage blockchain-driven startups. They have made many early investments in successful blockchain teams such as FileCoin, BTC Jam, Shapeshift, Bitaccess and Bits, among others.

UX Designer Jeroen Razoux Schultz
UX Lessons for Blockchain Tech

Jeroen Razoux Schultz is a UX designer and product developer who has built and managed in-house design teams for agencies such as Fabrique and Mirabeau/Cognizant.

Anastasia Green, CEO of Aura
Anastasia Green

Anastasia Green is CEO of Aura, a blockchain-based startup for the world of decentralized employment. She is a serial entrpreneur and blockchain community builder in San Francisco and Ukraine.

Julian Zegelman, founding partner of TMT CryptoFund
What's Ahead

Julian Zegelman is the Managing Partner at corporate and securities law firm Velton Zegelman PC. His practice focuses on cryptocurrency law alongside VC, corporate and securities law.

Masahiro Yasu, CEO of Alis
Alis Social Media

Masahiro Yasu is the CEO of the blockchain-based social media platform, Alis. He graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in nuclear fusion. Prior to Alis he worked on machine learning and natural language analysis for Recruit, the world's second largest HR company.

Stephan Karpishek, co-founder Etherisc
Etherisc, Decentralized Insurance

Stephan Karpischek is co-founder of Etherisc which develops decentralized insurance applications based on Ethereum smart contracts. Their recently launched Flight Delay is one of the world's first licensed and regulated decentralized insurance products.

Alexey Kofman, Product Manager Waves Platform
Product Manager of Waves

Alexey Kofman is the product manager and lead developer of the Waves Platform. He is responsible for defining and prioritizing new blockchain features developed by the Waves Core Team. He previously worked as a developer for Deutsche Bank.

Alon Muroch, CEO of Blox
Crypto Social Trading

Alon Muroch is the CEO of Blox, a social trading platform for cryptocurrencies. He has been a blockchain developer since 2012 and has contributed to many widely known open source projects. He continues to lead the development of a peer-to-peer multisignature wallet and is a strong believer in bringing blockchain technology to the masses.