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Bitcoin Wednesday 59

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The 59th Bitcoin Wednesday was held in Amsterdam on 2 May, 2018.

PUBLISHED : February 28, 2018
Edmund Lowell, Founder of SelfKey
Blockchain-based Identity

Edmund Lowell is the founder of SelfKey, a solution for secure, self-sovereign identity based on Blockchain technology. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built Fintech and Regtech products including Incorporations.io and KYC-Chain.com, and has provided KYC solutions for some of the biggest ICOs.

Frans Kempen of IBM

Frans Kempen will introduce IBM's approach to blockchain technology with his colleague, Firat Sertgoz. Frans will also serve as Session Chair for Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 March, 2019. He is IBM's Blockchain Lead for Logistics and Supply Chain Services at IBM Netherlands. He has worked for IBM for more than a decade, and before that was able to combine his technical and commercial background in roles with Unilever, KPN and British Telecom. Frans sees distributed ledger technology as a key enabler for Digital Transformation Programs in the financial sector.

Amine Larhrib, Managing Director of CryptalDash

Amine Larhrib is the founder and Managing Director of the institutional cryptocurrency trading platform, CryptalDash. He spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. His responsibilities ranged from Sovereign Wealth Funds across EMEA to Equity Derivative Interbank intermediation.

Tadhg Riordan, Developer at Zcoin
Tadhg Riordan

Tadhg Riordan is a software developer from Wexford, Ireland on the Zcoin team. He completed his Master's degree in Blockchain Privacy systems from Trinity College Dublin in 2017, and since that time has worked on a range of projects in the industry, including Zcoin and Ethereum.

Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin

Reuben Yap is COO for the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcoin. Reuben has played a central role in shaping the project's strategy and vision since joining the team in October 2016. He was previously a corporate lawyer as well as co-founder of BolehVPN, a privacy-focused VPN provider who was also the first merchant to accept Bitcoin in Malaysia.

Mykola Minchenko, CEO of Sixa

Mykola Minchenko is the CEO of YCombinator startup Sixa. He previously worked for British Petroleum and developed a mesh-based communication system for the Ukrainian army. He was also a co-founder of Almareks, an object recognition SaaS startup which was acquired by Motorola in less than three years.

Paul Madsen, Technical Architect of Hashgraph

Paul Madsen is Technical Architect for Swirlds, the company that develops Hedera Hashgraph. It has been called an example of Decentralized Network 3.0, a next generation solution that extends the consensus mechanism beyond blockchain technology. Before working for Swirlds, Paul was an digital identity specialist who worked on a number of identity standards, including OASIS SAML, OAuth 2.0 and the FIDO Alliance.

Joao Alberto Martins, VP Business Development, Birdchain Vertex

João Martins is VP Business Development for Birdchain in Vilnuis, Lithuania. Birdchain is a blockchain-based app that rewards users for their unused SMS with cryptocurrency.