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July 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 109

The 109th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday’s monthly event in the Netherlands will be a casual networking event outside in Amsterdam’s scenic Vondelpark on 6 July 2022. In these informal surroundings we will talk about current conditions in the market, especially the recent market downturn. Come join us and talk about your favorite subjects both technical and non-technical, including the challenges of Bitcoin adoption and its position alongside other cryptocurrencies, blockchain governance, token sales, fungibility, traceability, liquidity, international regulatory cooperation and…

June 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 108

Bitcoin Wednesday host its next conference in Amsterdam on 1 June 2022, at 1800. Please mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of the month so that we can raise a toast together to the increasing role of Bitcoin in Dutch society.

May 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 107

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a blockchain aficionado or just someone interested in learning more about transformative technologies, Amsterdam’s upcoming 107th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday on May 4, 2022, is an excellent opportunity to meet one another and exchange ideas. This event is free, but you must RSVP here to attend. Bitcoin Wednesday is one of The Netherlands’ longest-running Bitcoin events where we aim to address the latest concerns and advancements. We talk about developments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech,…

April 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 106

Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam At the next event we’ll talk about some of the top stories from the previous month. For example: Bored Ape Yacht Club Donates $1 Million in Ethereum to Ukraine Retail Investors Now Hold All-Time High of $29,730,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin Stanford Researchers Raise $32M to Build Privacy-Centric Blockchain Ethereum NFT Gaming Startup Immutable Hits $2.5B Valuation After $200M Raise Ethereum Layer 2 Service StarkNet Goes Live on Alchemy, Promises 100x Lower Gas Fees Please RSVP early. Please…

March 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 105

Meet us in front of the Stadschouwburg at 1900! We’ll talk about some of the top headlines from the past month: Bitcoin Supports Ukrainians: Already $20 M Donated Non-Zero Bitcoin Addresses Reached All Time High 40M in February BTC’s Lightning Network Channel Capacity Touches Record High Assange DAO Raises $7.8M McDonalds Files Trademarks for McMetaverse Restaurants Bitcoin Hashrate Up 32%, Reaches Another ATH Vitalik Buterin Urges Vladimir Putin to End Conflict with Ukraine JPMorgan Becomes the First Bank to Enter…

February 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 104

Meet us in front of the Stadschouwburg at 1900. We’ll talk about some of the top headlines from the past month: Visa: 25% Small Businesses in 9 Nations Ready to Accept Crypto in 2022 U.S. Bank Consortium to Mint Stablecoins Nasdaq-Listed Bitfarms Buys 1000 BTC Defi and Web 3.0 Projects Reach $100 Billion Please take note: Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone interested in Bitcoin, blockchain tech, digital currencies, or related subjects. It is a great chance to…


Bitcoin Wednesday 103

It’s the best time of the month again. Meet us in front of the Stadschouwburg at 1900. We’ll talk about some of the top headlines from the past month: Bitcoin Transfer Volumes Signal Breakout Visa Reports $2.5 B Crypto-linked Payments Blockstream’s Liquid Adds 6 New Supporting Members Putin: Competitive Advantages for BTC Mining in Russia El Salvador Buys 410 More BTC, Adds 4M Users for BTC Wallet Rio Pursues BTC Investment Please take note: Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event…

January 2022

Bitcoin Wednesday 102

Happy New Year! Join us for the 2022 lock down edition of the Bitcoin Nieuwjaarsborrel on Wednesday 5 January. We meet right in front of the Stadschouwburg on Amsterdam’s Leidseplein. We’ll talk about some of the top headlines from the past month: Russia’s Largest Bank Launches Blockchain ETF Nearly 1 Million New Bitcoin Addresses Registered in November Global Bitcoin ATM Installs Spike by Over 100% in 2021 VC Crypto Funding in 2021 Hits $25B Silicon Valley Top Talent Switching to…

December 2021

Bitcoin Wednesday 101

Amsterdam’s longest running Bitcoin meetup continues throughout the lockdown. Meet us at Leidseplein at 1900. We’ll be standing right in front of the Stadsschouwburg. We’ll hang up a Bitcoin Wednesday sign so you can find us. We’ll talk about some of the sector’s top stories from the past month, including: Bitcoin Surpasses PayPal in Total Value Transferred NFT Bay, Pirate Bay for NFTs Gets 1.2 Million Views Bitcoin’s Taproot Goes Live Ethereum Name Service Tokens Soar Bitcoin Spends Less than…

November 2021

Bitcoin Wednesday 100

Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam #100 on 3 November 2021 Yes, this is #100! Meet us for a drink to celebrate the 13-year anniversary of Satoshi’s white paper, arguably more influential than any written work in human history. We’ll meet at the Vondelpark’s Vondelfontein where we assemble to exchange ideas about Bitcoin and related technologies. Skeptics and believers, experts and newcomers, friends, rivals, maximalists, technologists, economists, all welcome. Please take note: Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone interested in Bitcoin,…