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Special Edition: 19 October, 2016

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On 19 October, 2016 Bitcoin Wednesday breaks with tradition for a special extra session with one of the biggest names in the world of digital currencies and blockchains, Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Mr. Antonopoulos is widely considered to be among the leading authorities and visionaries in the industry and has been regularly invited to speak to policymakers and executives seeking to gain an objective and strategic overview of the latest developments.





Mr. Antonopoulos will be joined by Pamela Morgan, CEO of Third Key Solutions, an attorney at Empowered Law as well as an advisor to many other companies in the industry.

Pamela Morgan Third Key Solutions






And, to introduce the upcoming token distribution for Wings:

Core developer Boris Povod will talk about the upcoming deployment of the Wings DAO-as-a-service platform.  Boris is an established blockchain developer who previously co-founded Crypti and acted as its tech lead.  He currently also serves as a technical advisor for the digital currency Lisk.

Boris Povod of Wings








Boris will be joined by his colleague, Dominik Zynis Head of Marketing for Wings.ai and the blockchain incubator, ChainLAB. He will give some background about Wings’ token distribution campaign which will begin on 30 October, 2016.

Dominik Zynis








More details to follow soon.



Limited tickets to this event are available.  Please RSVP as soon as possible, and then follow the instructions carefully if you want to attend.

PUBLISHED : October 2, 2016
Dominik Zynis
Dominik Zynis, Co-founder of Wings

Dominik Zynis is a co-founder of Wings, a DAO platform for crowd sale evaluation and funding based on Ethereum smart contracts. Wings has recently opened its prediction platform for anyone to use to get project valuations beyond ICOs.