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At The Central Bank of The Netherlands

De Nederlandsche Bank

The Central Bank of The Netherlands will be host to Bitcoin Wednesday on 12 June, 2018 for a special edition aimed at exchanging ideas with the regulators.  They are inviting a small number of us for an open discussion about the following questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of using cryptocurrencies?
  • What is the ideal cryptocurrency?
  • What are the typical use cases for cryptocurrencies?
  • What do we think about those who speculate with cryptocurrencies?
  • Under what conditions would cryptocurrencies be superfluous?
  • How are cryptocurrencies used (to make payments, to speculate)?
  • What are our ideas about regulating the cryptocurrency market?
  • What risks do we see in this market?
  • What developments in the industry do we see in the near future?

It is notable that many of the previous conversations with government and regulators have focused almost exclusively on the financial applications of cryptocurrencies — i.e. on Bitcoin as money or ICOs as financial securities.  The side effect of that perspective is that a great many policymakers still believe the technology exists solely or primarily for speculative or criminal purposes.

We are therefore being asked to bring a diversity of opinions as opposed to viewpoints that are already aligned with AML / KYC, formal security token designations and other regulations.  In this regard, one of the key questions to be raised and answered is what, if any, new regulations could even be proposed that are not already covered by existing law?  The intention of this session is explicitly for exchanging ideas and not for lobbying for any point of view.

This event is not for beginners or newcomers, and is unfortunately open only to a limited number of participants.  Considering the unfortunate limitations imposed by the DNB, we are aiming to exclude the pro-regulation and fintech lobby to create an opportunity for alternative points of view in the industry to be heard.

This Special Session of Bitcoin Wednesday is free of charge.  You will, however, be asked to RSVP via this link and to register your full name and email address.  The DNB will require all visitors to show a photo ID to be admitted.

Please note: There is already a waitlist for this event.  If you’d still like to be considered, you can still mail hello@BitcoinWednesday.com, and let us know briefly your thoughts on regulations.

If you can’t make it for any reason:

You can also submit ideas and questions by mailing us.  Please include whether you’d like us to credit you for the submission or if you want it to be done anonymously.

PUBLISHED : June 2, 2018
Ayse Zoodsma, Policy Advisor, Fintech, Financial Inclusion and International Relations at De Nederlandsche Bank
The Central Bank of The Netherlands

Ayse Zoodsma is a Policy Advisor for The Central Bank of The Netherlands responsible for financial inclusion, fintech and international relations.  She also serves as a Visiting Member for The Bank of International Settlements based in Basel.

Leonard Franken, Policy Advisor of AFM and member of TU Delft's Distributed Systems Group
Leonard Franken

Leonard Franken is a Policy Advisor for The Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and a member of the Distributed Systems Group at Delft Technical University.

Kirsten van Driel Policy Advisor
Crypto Regulations

Kirsten van Driel is a Policy Advisor and Coordinator for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at De Nederlandsche Bank, the Central Bank of The Netherlands.

Richard Kohl, Bitcoin Wednesday
Blockchain and Sustainability

Richard Kohl is the founder of Bitcoin Wednesday, and a full-time Bitcoin Activist since 2011. In that first year he co-founded the Bitcoin startup PikaPay, one of the first in The Netherlands. He has been a board member of The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands since 2013.

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