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Know About Cryptocurrencies

Since 2013 Bitcoin Wednesday has produced a monthly event series about digital currencies and related technologies like the blockchain.  These technologies are different from many that have come before them, and you might also notice that some of what Bitcoin Wednesday does is not quite like other events of its kind.

For example:

  • Early bird tickets are available at an especially sharp discount for Bitcoin only as an incentive for learning about and participating in the growing digital currency community. There is probably no better way to learn about digital currencies than by using them.
  • We have recently begun accepting IDEAL payments for limited numbers of advance tickets.  To get a ticket with IDEAL, RSVP for the individual event via Meetup.com/BitcoinWednesday and look for the link.
  • Regular tickets are available for cash at the door, but in that case, we recommend that you come early in case we sell out.  No credit card, IDEAL or PIN transactions at the door, please.
  • If you do buy a ticket with cryptocurrency, please avoid using an exchange to make the transaction.  Due to delays and other idiosyncracies of the exchanges, we cannot guarantee that those kinds of transactions will be completed within a reasonable amount of time.
    Some exchanges also take fees from the sent amount which will cause the amount you pay for a ticket to be incorrect.  You must transfer the exactly amount listed in order to receive a valid ticket.
  • We recommend a standard Bitcoin wallet where you control the time of the transaction and the amount sent.  If you do not control your own bitcoins in this way, you introduce counterparty risk and eliminate one of the main benefits of Bitcoin — being in full control of your own money.
  • Remember to enter a valid E-mail address when purchasing your ticket. After your transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin network, you will receive the ticket via E-mail. You must present this ticket at the door for entry to the event. You can mail tickets@bitcoinwednesday.com if you have any ticket questions.
  • If you don’t have any Bitcoin yet and would like to get some, we have a special program for qualified volunteers. Volunteers to Bitcoin Wednesday receive Bitcoin honoraria only, not euro, not community tokens.  Mail hello AT Bitcoin Wednesday DOT com and let us know how you would like to contribute.
  • Making Bitcoin payments requires some preparation and experience.  It is similar to other digital payment systems with a number of key differences.  One critical point to understand is that Bitcoin transactions do not support refunds or charge backs.  If you’re completely new to cryptocurrencies, we recommend you practice making small test transactions while an experienced person is nearby before attempting any purchases.
  • Bitcoin Wednesday is sponsored by The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands, and all proceeds are voluntary contributions that go 100% back into producing more events just like these.