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Bitcoin Conference Speakers

J.P. Thieriot Explained Upholds Digital Money

J.P. Thieriot is CEO of Uphold, a digital money platform that serves 1.7 million customers in more than 184 country and has processed almost $6 billion in transactions.

Jacob Boersma Discussed Blockchain Identity

Jacob Boersma is a pioneer in the subject of decentralized identity and blockchain tech. He was the founder of Deloitte’s blockchain practice in The Netherlands, and led the development of strategy and technology for their blockchain team for four years. His career in digital identity, authentication and authorization dates back even earlier, to 2000, and he has been a consultant on decentralized applications, online payments and cryptocurrency since 2013. 

Jae Kwon Presents Cosmos & Tendermint

Cosmos: The Network of Blockchains What if you could safely transfer any token on any other blockchain or change one type of token into another token in the blink of […]

Jake Vartanian

Jake Vartanian, founder of Cryptodex and Native Protocol, acquired his first Bitcoin in 2011 for less than $1. He has since developed a reputation as marketing consultant and token strategist in the sector.  He has worked with highly successful blockchain startups including TokenCard, Bancor, and SingularDTV.

Jameson Lopp Explained Comprehending Bitcoin

Jameson Lopp leads a software engineering team at BitGo, an enterprise digital asset security service based in Palo Alto. He created Statoshi, a fork of Bitcoin Core that analyzes the statistics of Bitcoin nodes and aims to give a DevOps perspective of the Bitcoin network.  He counts paintball, motorcycles and wine making among his interests. and waxes philosophical on the nature of Bitcoin in his spare time.

Jan Isakovic Explained Blockchain Startups

Jan Isakovic is CEO of Cofound.it, a distributed VC platform that connects startups, experts and investors worldwide. Before he stepped into the world of decentralized blockchains he worked for IBM and Microsoft.

Jane Zhang Explained Ttokenomics

Jane Zhang is the Shanghai-based CEO of ShellPay, which produces SkyLedger-based tokens, a hardware wallet and a decentralized exchange. She was selected by the Dubai government to join the Spring 2017 Program of Dubai Future Accelerators, through which the team developed a blockchain-based Passport Control solution for the national Immigration Office.

Jean-Philippe Vergne Discussed Blockchain Technology

Jean-Philippe Vergneis Associate Professor of Strategy at Ivey Business School, Western University in Canada. He is also Co-Director of the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab, and Founding Coordinator of the Crypto Capitalism Center. He recently wrote a history of piracy and capitalism entitled “The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the fringes of Capitalism” (Harvard Business Review Press). He has focused his research on blockchain technology since 2014.

Jeff Garzik Explained Open Source Blockchain Solutions

Jeff Garzik’s company Bloq is specialized in open-source blockchain solutions for the enterprise.  He has been an important contributor to Bitcoin software since he learned about the project in 2010, and is one of the best-known developers in the entire industry.

Jelle Herold Explained Statebox Visual Process

Jelle Herold is the author of Statebox, a new visual programming language for smart contracts that can be deployed across blockchains. He has a decade of experience leading open-source software development and a degree in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Utrecht in The Netherlands.