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Adrijan Scekic, Co-founder of Cryptotag

Adrijan Scekic, Co-Founder of CryptoTag

Explained Private Key Security

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 April, 2019 Adrijan Šćekić and his colleague Maarten Geerlings from Cryptotag will give a presentation on private key security, including risks and solutions, how to safely store cryptocurrency and the responsibility that comes from owning it.  Cryptotag produces a solution for safely storing private keys by engraving them into solid Titanium plates.

Adrijan writes:

After the 2008 financial crisis I began to study the world of the monetary system because I didn’t understand it.  What I learned brought me to the realization that the current monetary system is broken and will not last long.  Then in 2011 I came into contact with Bitcoin for the first time, and a whole new world opened for me.  Some years later I started mining, and more recently have been actively investing in various crypto projects.  I wanted to make a difference and contribute to a better world.

Since I felt that I could not change the world by only using words, I decided to be more active.  I invested almost all of my fiat money in projects that oppose the status quo and are an alternative to the current monetary policy.  Cryptotag emerged from this activity. With this product we help people around the world be their own bank by giving them a safe way to protect their private keys. We also educate people about what ‘’Being Your Own Bank’’ really means and what responsibilities holders of cryptocurrency have.

Before Cryptotag Adrijan worked for 7 years in corporate sales in the Telco sector.  He served as account manager at Ziggo, Vodafone and KPN and led sales teams responsible for products related to IOT, mobile, fixed, data, IP VPN, IP services and security.  He was also involved in startups like Belkostenwijzer.nl and Gamecardmarket.com.  He studied Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Computer Science at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw.

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Adrijan Scekic, Co-Founder of CryptoTag