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Scaling Public Blockchains

Alexander Vlasov, CTO of Bankex

Scaling Blockchains In Depth

Bankex CTO Alexander Vlasov writes:

Scaling a public blockchain has proven to be a challenge. Now many people understand the trade off between partial data and processing locality (delegated Proof of Stake consensus) and true distributed participation (Proof of Work). Following a brilliant idea from the original Plasma whitepaper BANKEX has developed its own implementation that allows it to scale asset transfer transactions to 10,000 transactions per second, provide customer protection and resolve disputes automatically through the smart contract. At BANKEX we believe that the right way to solve the processing speed vs. distribution trade off in public ledgers is through delegation of processing to sibling chains with the possibility of dispute resolution on the parent one.

Alexander earned a Master’s degree in Physics from Moscow State University and is currently working on his PhD in Electrical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal.

Alexander Vlasov, CTO of Bankex