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Alon Muroch, CEO of Blox

Alon Muroch, CEO of Blox

Explained Portfolio Management App

For Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March, 2018, Blox CEO Alon Muroch will give a live demo of his recently launched portfolio management app for cryptocurrency traders and its features.  He’ll also share his insider’s perspective on trading, including an overview of how users can manage their crypto assets.

One of the most visible use cases for Blockchain technology currently is the creation and trading of crypto assets.  Blockchain-based tokens allow us to democratize and decentralize the economy like the Internet did with information.  Blox, previously known as CoinDash, is a portfolio tracking service that aims for the intersection between investor tools, social networking and a marketplace for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Alon Muroch is betting that cryptocurrency traders will be interested in investment analysis and decision-making tools to manage their increasingly complex portfolios. In a constantly evolving and diverse field of cryptocurrencies, the Blox service plans to allow users to connect trading accounts and give them an attractive dashboard to follow the value of their portfolio.

For new users Blox offers a way to lighten the steep learning curve and make trading more accessible.  For more experienced traders the platform provides new tools:

  • Charts and graphs present current portfolio performance and aggregated results that give deep insight into the value of a user’s holdings and aid in data-driven decision making.
  • Social trading features that allow users to view portfolios of top investors and react to real-time trading signals.

Alon started working as a blockchain developer in 2012 and has contributed code to many of the known open source projects.  He continues to lead the development of a peer-to-peer multisignature wallet and is a strong believer in bringing blockchain technology to the masses.

The Blox story is also a good one to watch for lessons about overcoming diversity.  The project attracted considerable attention in the summer of 2017 when, known as CoinDash, it was the target of a sensational hack right at the start of its token sale.  The funding campaign was cut short when a hacker managed to divert more than $7 million worth of cryptocurrency by inserting his own Ethereum address in the official CoinDash website.  Despite this catastrophe, CoinDash successfully collected more than $6 million and distributed its tokens to everyone who participated in the crowd sale.  An investigation into the hack later led to the mysterious recovery of about $3 million in lost coins in September 2017.  Then, in late February 2018, the hacker unexpectedly struck again and returned more than $17 million in stolen Ether, valued at more than double in fiat terms what the hacker had original taken.

Alon Muroch, CEO of Blox