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Amir Taaki, Creator of Libbitcoin

Amir Taaki Revolutionary Hacker

A Five-Year Plan for Bitcoin Worldwide

Revolutionary hacker and Bitcoin pioneer Amir Taaki will join Bitcoin Wednesday for its 5-year anniversary on 4-5 July, 2018.

Amir writes:

Today we’re undergoing a seismic geopolitical shift as we enter the era of post national breakup. The free technology movement used to be
dynamic exerting its power over society and politics, but faced with this new emerging complex world, it has retreated into a stagnant perspective, unable to deal with the realities we are facing.

However cryptocurrencies offer us a hope of empowerment for humanity, and the question is whether we will choose to seize control of these
tools to influence society, economics and politics, or continue on a narrow path leading nowhere. Because such an evolution will need a deep
self criticism and re examination of beliefs that lay at the bottom of this movement.

And in particular, how emerging concepts can be put to construct anonymous currencies, decentralized uncensored markets with darkpools,
the next generation of communications and routing networks and untamperable hardware for deploying cryptocurrency on a national scale.

We will examine the darker side of this reality, and how technology does not develop in a straight line but is influenced by invisible forces
that threaten to spin a web of enslavement around free humanity and nature.

We face both the critical point of great danger, and great opportunity. How we formulate our ideas and organize will be whether we manage to
succeed of fail as a movement with the value of freedom.

This is ground zero. History will immortalize this moment.

Amir created the first alt Bitcoin implementation libbitcoin, which has the fastest blockchain database compared to any of the alternatives.  He worked on wallets such as Electrum and Darkwallet, as well as privacy markets and decentralized technologies. He also wrote the very first Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, BIP 0001.

Before that he developed free software for many years. He served in the YPG (the Kurdish People’s Defense) in Syria, and contributed to economic development projects for the administration of Rojava, the de facto autonomous region in Northern Syria, for nearly 2 years. He is currently establishing an academy in Barcelona to train hackers to work on revolutionary technology projects.

Amir Taaki Revolutionary Hacker