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Dejan Davidovic, COO of Kriptomat

Dejan Davidovic COO of Kriptomat

Now that regulations for cryptocurrency services are being implemented throughout the EU, it’s a good time to reflect on some positive effects of these measures.  Dejan Davidovic, COO of Kriptomat, will present recent cases of fraud, hacks and other scandals in the industry that the new regulations are designed to prevent.

Extensive media coverage of an ever-growing list of sensational cases has given the industry a reputation for criminal activity. With the growth of the market, it also seems likely that an increasing number of individuals and organizations are aiming to take advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge and the human desire to “get rich quick” in order to separate consumers from their hard-earned money.

Dejan’s talk will present insights into what is happening with EU regulation.  He will also explain why he believes that the Bitcoin ecosystem’s array of centralized and decentralized services are necessary, and why he thinks that cryptocurrency itself should never be regulated but many of the surrounding services should.

Kriptomat is an Estonian-based, government-regulated European fin-tech start-up that aims to bring cryptocurrencies to a high-end market via a mobile and web platform that is available in 25 different languages.  The company reached break-even within a year of its launch in 2018.

Dejan is a father of three children.  He has more than twenty years of experience in management, sales, and marketing.  Before launching Kriptomat, he helped lead a full-service marketing bureau in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  He also served as CBDO for Platformax, a Slovenian startup that produces sales automation software.

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Dejan Davidovic COO of Kriptomat