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Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO Konfidio

Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO of Konfidio and Kintaro Capital

Blockchain For Enterprise

Are ICOs dead , and will 2019 be the year of the Enterprise Blockchain?  During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 March, 2019, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO of the Berlin-based Blockchain venture studio Konfidio, will give a presentation on building decentralized solutions for the enterprise.  Konfidio has successfully implemented a private Ethereum blockchain for a Fortune 500 company, which has been designed to help them manage contracts with their IT Service Suppliers.  The solution is now beyond the proof-of-concept stage.

Mervyn will talk about use cases for blockchain solutions that Konfidio has deployed for corporations.  He will also share his insights about the process of adoption, including the obstacles for multinational organizations that seek to benefit from the technology.  Last but not least, he will share some insights into business problems that he believes are ready for blockchain-based solutions.

Mervyn is the former COO of Deutsche Bank Analytics and Information Services and Managing Director of Accenture’s Global Digital Strategy Offering.  He also served as Digital Strategy and Transformation Lead and Managing Partner at EY.  He has a degree in medicine and worked as a Pediatrician in South Africa, but later earned an MBA from the University of Cape Town.  In addition to his work at Konfidio, he is also CEO of the investment firm Kintaro Capital and acts as advisor to Slockit, D33p and Cyberian Mine.

Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO of Konfidio and Kintaro Capital