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Edmund Lowell, Founder of SelfKey

SelfKey: Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain Technology

Running against the ongoing debate about privacy and anonymity related to cryptocurrency transactions and the application of KYC regulations to ICOs, SelfKey founder Edmund Lowell will give a demo of his decentralized identity solution at Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 May, 2018.

The central idea behind SelfKey is that the user can control his own digital identity which is secured by blockchain technology without the intervention of any trusted third party like a government or other entity.  “Self sovereign digital identity is a key to unlocking human potential and radically enabling financial inclusion,” Edmund writes. “It is one of the most important issues of our generation.”  The Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal has made the risks of the centralized storage of personal data crystal clear.

Edmund Lowell has been a serial entreprenuer living in Asia since 2011, and working at the crossroads of finance, technology and law.  Originally from the United States, he graduated from Northeastern University in Boston where he studied law, finance and technology.   He has built a number of Fintech and RegTech products during this time including Incorporations.io, KYC-Chain.com and The SelfKey foundation.  He has also provided KYC software for some of the biggest ICOs.

His talk at Bitcoin Wednesday will cover:

  • Self-Sovereign Identity;
  • Blockchain Tech and Identity;
  • Internationalization, KYC and ICOs;
  • Legal Issues Around Identity in ICOs;
  • Strategic Internationalization; and
  • How To Plant Flags in Different Jurisdictions to Optimize Your Self and Your Wealth.


Edmund Lowell, Founder of SelfKey

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Edmund Lowell is the founder of SelfKey, a solution for secure, self-sovereign identity based on Blockchain technology. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built Fintech and Regtech products including Incorporations.io and KYC-Chain.com, and has provided KYC solutions for some of the biggest ICOs.