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Eitan Lavi, CTO of 2key

eiTan LaVi, CTO of 2Key Network

Web3.0 – Transforming the Human Web from 0 to a 1 Sum Game

Embedding Smart Contracts Into The Web

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s New Year’s conference on 1 January 2020, CTO eiTan LaVi of 2key will give a presentation on bridging web 2.0 and web 3.0.  The 2key solution aims for the mass adoption of smart contract technology by making it possible for anyone to use a smart contract from a standard web browser.

Eitan writes, “I’ll discuss how using 2key Protocol can use regular web browsers and traditional web links to create decentralized, off-chain networks which can execute smart contracts.”  He refers to Facebook as one of the biggest centralized information prisons, and views this technology as being a key to building alternative social-economic networks that are democratic and decentralized.

His talk will also cover:

  • 2key’s approach to combining HTTP clients with improved smart contract scalability and accessibility;
  • Its system for embedding economic models into HTTP;
  • General incentive models for online sharing; and
  • lessons drawn from the architecture of the human brain and other decentralized networks in nature.

Prior to founding 2key, eiTan developed core technologies for disruptive startups such as MedCPU, Wochit and Keywee.  He has worked on algorithms, data science, machine learning and natural language processing as well as backend development and architecture.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Medical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering and Business from Tel Aviv University.  He also teaches Martial Arts and Raja Yoga, and has been practicing both of these disciplines since the age of 7.

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eiTan LaVi, CTO of 2Key Network