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Emanuele Francioni, Co-Founders of Dusk

Emanuele Francioni, Tech Lead and Co-Founder, Dusk Network

At the Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 5 September, 2018, Emanuele Francioni and Jelle Pol, co-founders of Dusk will give a presentation on enhancing privacy through blockchain technology.  Dusk is a privacy-centric blockchain with a new consensus mechanism, the Segregated Byzantine Agreement.  It promises to allow a balance between complete anonymity and absolute transparency that is absent in current decentralized networks.

In today’s blockchains, we are limited to a binary all-or-nothing approach toward privacy; transactions can generally be conducted with complete anonymity or absolute transparency, but it is not possible to combine these two possibilities. Decentralized services such as anonymous media on demand, video- and audio-conferencing and file storage and transfer are currently not possible.

With Dusk, however, the network-intensive tasks of block verification, voting and notarization are carried out by non-transactional nodes called Provisioners which are kept separate from block generation. Blocks are created by normal transactional nodes which are randomly selected from a pool of candidates.

Emanuele writes, “This approach combines the resilience of Player Replaceability with the privacy of zero knowledge range proof and stealth transactions.”  In this presentation he will address the following subjects:

  • Privacy and blockchain technology, including transparency of payments, communication and asset ownership transfer;
  • Decentralized infrastructures;
  • Segregated Byzantine Agreement, the Dusk consensus mechanism;
  • Security Token Offerings (STOs) versus ICOs;
  • Required steps for blockchain adoption;
  • Why privacy isn’t binary; and
  • Blockchain poisoning.

Emanuele has 20 years of experience in software development as an engineering manager and lead architect. He spent more than a decade leading various multi-disciplinary development teams and has delivered multi-million-dollar technology projects for top corporate organizations, such as Tomtom, Commerzbank and Vitrociset. He has served as a developer of large distributed systems for TomTom. As an entrepreneur with a proven capital-raising track-record, he has launched three separate startups in the realm of IoT, the connected automobile and fog computing.  He is actively advising organizations in the smart mobility and e-commerce sector.

Emanuele Francioni, Tech Lead and Co-Founder, Dusk Network