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Igor Shoifot, Co-Founder of TMT CryptoFund

Igor Shoifot, Founding Partner TMT Crypto Fund

Secrets of Moneymaking in Blockchain

A VC’s Tips for Investing in Blockchain Startups, Part 2

TMT CryptoFund is a $60 million investment fund focused on investments in early stage blockchain-driven startups.  During the CoinFest 2018 edition of Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 April, 2018, founding partner Igor Shoifot will describe the mechanics of the fund, its token economics and other details.  Picking up where he left off last month, he’d like to reveal more of his moneymaking secrets, listen to the audience and propose beneficial relationships.

Igor and his partners have successfully invested in many high-profile blockchain projects over the past three years, including FileCoin, BTC Jam, Shapeshift, Bitaccess and Bits.  They have helped build a $1 billion plus tech unicorn in Eastern Europe as well as a number of key blockchain ecosystem service providers.  Some, like Shapeshift, are already runaway successes.  Now, through the TMT CryptoFund, they are aiming for a hands-on, progressive approach to venture capital in the sector, growing companies and helping them, while simultaneously generating advantages to investors.  Earlier, TMT’s founding partners ran a successful venture fund that was ranked in the top 2% of world venture funds, according to Cambridge Associates.  That fund invested in over 60 companies, 18 of which had profitable exits, including several which were sold to AOL, Yahoo, Cisco, Monsanto and Netgear.

Igor is a partner at TMT Investments, Plc, based in San Francisco.  He was previously CEO of Epsylon Games, the largest gaming site on Microsoft WebTV in the 1990s, and later co-founder of Fotki, a large photo site. He is an investor, board member and advisor for many startups who has chaired startup accelerators and incubators in Europe and Asia.  He has consulted large financial institutions and venture funds, including Fidelity Investments, Shaw, Norwest Venture Partners, and Alta.  He helped develop the Stanford graduate course “Recreating Silicon Valley”, taught at UC Berkeley, New York University and UC SF, and wrote a chapter in the book Masters of Corporate Venture Capital.

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 March, 2018, founding partner Igor Shoifot revealed some of his moneymaking secrets for investing in blockchain startups.

Igor Shoifot, Founding Partner TMT Crypto Fund