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Jean-Charles Dudek, CSO of NapoleonX

Jean Charles Dudek of Napoleon Capital

CSO Jean-Charles Dudek of NapoleonX will give an introduction to programmable or algorithmic trading for cryptocurrencies at Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 February, 2018.  NapoleonX  is one of the first cryptocurrency asset management companies specialized in algorithmic trading.

In this presentation, Jean-Charles will explain the concept of DAFs or decentralized autonomous funds and give an overview of some of the first trading strategies to be launched on the Napoleon X platform.  His colleague Stéphane Ifrah previously gave a presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 November 2017.

Jean-Charles is a former banker with more than 12 years experience working for tier 1 banks.  He was previously Head of Active Protected Fund Management at BNPP AM where he managed 3 senior portfolio managers.  He also had a portfolio of more than € 3 billion assets under management (AUM) for several years and has extensive knowledge of both buy and sell sides.  He met his co-founder Stéphane when they worked together at BNPP.  He studied Banking, Finance and Insurance in Paris IX Dauphine and Paris X Nanterre, and was recruited for Napoleon X to bring his management and structuring expertise to digital currencies.

Jean Charles Dudek of Napoleon Capital