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Jerome de Tychey, Director of ConsenSys Solutions

Director of ConsenSys Solutions Jerome de Tychey

Oh, Token, Token, Why Do You Have To Be Token?

Is there a legitimate role for tokens, ICOs and digital assets or are all of them just “scams”?  Director of ConsenSys Solutions Jérôme de Tychey will lead a discussion on the subject at the next Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 December 2019.  His talk will give an overview of the history and perspectives of the blockchain-based token as a form of asset without indulging in naive optimism or gloom-mongering.  It will also include a demo of CoDeFi Asset, ConsenSys’ solution for creating, issuing and managing the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets and digital financial instruments on public or permissioned blockchain networks.

Jérôme writes, “Ethereum fell in love with tokens with ICOs leading to massive speculation, innovation and somewhat disappointment while STOs has been announced as the next big thing, and the DeFi movement is trying to kickstart a new narrative.”  He will help us take an objective look at the challenges, risks and potential opportunities of new cryptocurrency assets in light of current expectations and sharp criticisms leveled against them.

As the Director of ConsenSys Solutions in France Jérôme helps organizations across the globe build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain applications. He has a background in economics and was a teaching assistant at La Sorbonne and Paris Dauphine Universities. He jumped into the blockchain sector in 2013 and has a particular interest in cryptoeconomics and mining. He founded and is the current president of Ethereum-France (also know as Asseth), one of the largest blockchain-oriented non-profits in France. Before joining ConsenSys, he opened the Blockchain Practice of Ernst & Young France.

Director of ConsenSys Solutions Jerome de Tychey