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Blockchain on the Bus

Jochem Verheul, CEO of VMC

Blockchain Tech for Smart Cities

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 April 2019, CEO of VMC, Jochem Verheul, will talk about the impact that blockchain tech could have in human mobility.  He will also give a demo of his blockchain-based payment solution for the public transportation industry.  If all goes according to plan, we may soon be paying for our bus rides with a stable token.

In the future, he writes, “Smart cities and countries will use a Smart City Mobility Operating System that connects all stakeholders in the mobility economy, from insurance companies to micro mobility services, public transport and energy providers.  VMC is building this operating system, and the first release is operational.”

VMC is a software company dedicated to the application of blockchain tech to solving challenges in human mobility.  Before his work at VMC, Jochem spent nearly a decade at the helm of the Amsterdam-based sofware and interaction design company, Itsavirus, which played a role in the early development of Effect.AI until January 2018.  He earned a Master’s degree in Economic Sociology from Erasmus University.  He is currently also a board member of the Transtoken Foundation, which aims to bring together stakeholders in the public transportation industry.

Jochem Verheul, CEO of VMC