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Jon, COO of ShapeShift

Jon, COO of ShapeShift

Bitcoin Wednesday will host a town hall-style meeting with Jon, COO of ShapeShift, arguably one of the industry’s most successful web applications, on 6 June, 2018.

Jon has been involved in the management, operations and technical development of web applications for more than 15 years.  In 2014 he began collaborating with Bitcoin entrepreneur Erik Voorhees on ShapeShift, which has grown into one of the world’s largest and best-known services for exchanging digital assets. Jon got his start in web development by helping to launch one of the world’s first competitive online gaming web sites while at the same time working as Operations Manager and team lead for an enterprise software development company.

Due to his role in building ShapeShift into an internationally recognized brand, Jon appears regularly at international conferences, as well as on television and radio.  For Bitcoin Wednesday he will, among others, answer questions on the following subjects:

  • What’s the cutting edge and the state of the art in digital asset exchange where ShapeShift focuses its R&D attention?
  • What’s next as decentralized exchanges, blockchain interoperability and atomic swaps become more common?
  • What will be ShapeShift’s role in these developments, which ones are most interesting and promising?
  • Will ShapeShift itself eventually become obsolete?  What is the best way to navigate the potential disruption?
  • Are there especially creative and interesting uses of ShapeShift and its API?
  • How, when and where does ShapeShift invest in new tech, new startups, new developers?
  • What about ShapeShift’s devops?
  • What insights have you gained through operationally managing an application with so many different cryptocurrencies?
  • How does ShapeShift handle all of the different technologies, and what is the process of identifying and onboarding promising new ones?
  • How has ShapeShift learned from sensational ways that criminal use of the application (such as The Looting of the Fox hack) was attempted, detected and stopped?
  • How does ShapeShift handle, buy, sell, trade to maintain sufficient liquidity for ShapeShift?  How is this automated?  How does ShapeShift use user behavior as trading signals?
  • How does ShapeShift deal with regulations on a high level?
Jon, COO of ShapeShift