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Jonathan Knegtel Explained Blockdata

Jonathan Knegtel, CEO of Blockdata

With the dramatic increase in activity in the sector, the need for data about the organizations operating in it will also grow.  For Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 September, 2018, Jonathan Knegtel the CEO of Blockdata will unveil his software as a service company that provides background information on blockchain-related organizations.  They aim to collect more than 100 objective data points per project and to sell the information to cryptocurrency hedge funds, investment companies, corporations and banks.

At Bitcoin Wednesday Jonathan will give the first public demo of Blockdata, and share some of the valuable insights that his team have uncovered while gathering data about this highly complex ecosystem.  The Blockdata service is designed to help users explore investment options, learn about the use cases for different products and services and keep up to date on the most recent developments.  Users who are looking for objective data on tokens can access part of the data for free.

Jonathan writes, “Our primary customers are institutional investors who are researching cryptocurrency projects and need to cross compare and understand a wide variety of projects. Our API customers are portfolio trackers or companies that are building internal tools.”

Blockdata has a small office on the Herengracht and is in the closing stages of its angel funding round.  The team is looking for € 50,000 in the form of a convertible note to complete their € 200,000 round.  They are still open to strategic investors who want to provide more data for the blockchain ecosystem.

Jonathan is one of the three co-founders of Blockdata.  He was born in London and moved to The Netherlands to study electrical engineering in 2012.  Before founding Blockdata, he managed digital strategy for a private jet startup and served as Head of Growth for Dealroom, which tracks venture capital and private equity deals.  Now he’s turning that experience to providing insights into the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Jonathan Knegtel, CEO of Blockdata