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Justin Tran, Presents Monthly Review on Latest Developments Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Justin Tran of World Coin Index

At our conference in November 2016 we brought back a regular feature from past events: A monthly review of some of the most important developments in the sector during the last 30 days.

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 7 December, 2016 we’re doing it again.  Back by popular demand is Justin Tran of World Coin Index to deliver the presentation.

Justin is a co-founder of World Coin Index, an international platform for blockchain market data resources that offers reliable, live streaming price information and the latest news updates for over 400 listed cryptocurrencies.  The WorldCoinIndex website gives users access to a wide range of data points from over 35 different cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and it tracks cryptocurrency prices in the major fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, Euro and Chinese Yuan.

Anyone familiar with the industry knows how difficult it is to keep up with the amount of innovation happening every day, so this segment of the evening will be an attempt to step back and review some of the most notable events of recent weeks.

“So much is happening these days that my presentation is only the tip of the iceberg,” Justin said. “However, I will cover some of the most significant changes in terms of blockchain / cryptocurrency market growth, bitcoin and ethereum developments, and a collection of other major developments.”

Justin got involved in cryptocurrencies in mid-2013 and has been a critical observer ever since.  By training he is financial controller with a Master’s degree in economics.  He is skilled at in-depth financial analysis and provides an expert financial perspective and opinions.  His work at WorldCoinIndex gives him the perfect opportunity to combine his interests in finance and economics with a passion for technology and innovation.

Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Justin Tran of World Coin Index

PUBLISHED : October 27, 2016