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Kilian Rausch Explained Atomic Swaps

Kilian Rausch Director of Exchange Union

Atomic Swaps on Lightning

Kilian Rausch, Product Director of Exchange Union will give a presentation about Atomic Swaps on Lightning during Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 June, 2019.  His talk will give an introduction to the subject of Atomic Swaps and will address the specifics of applying atomic swaps on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.  After a brief demo, Kilian will cover the challenges involved in launching a full-fledged Lightning-based decentralized exchange.

One of the most indomitable challenges in the industry is the systematic point of failure involved in exchanging one digital asset for another via a third party like a bank or an exchange.  Today’s widely-used centralized exchanges and custodial escrow services introduce this same risk.  An atomic swap addresses this problem by introducing a completely decentralized escrow — a programmable script that removes custodial risk and ensures that the exchange of digital assets is fully peer-to-peer and never goes through a third party.

Exchange Union is a decentralized network that connects digital asset exchanges.  In Kilian’s role as Product Director, he has contributed major components of its payment channel-based architecture.  He hold a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the Technical University of Munich.  He was previously Product Manager of Mobi, a global and mobile wallet designed for everyday people, at the Hong Kong-based exchange BTC China, which closed down in 2018.

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Kilian Rausch Director of Exchange Union