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Leah Jonas, Head of Global Partnerships at Celsius Network

Celsius Network’s Leah Jonas

Celsius Network’s Leah Jonas will give a presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 February, 2020.  Leah is responsible for Global Partnerships at Celsius, where she is directing their European operations and strategy.  Celsius is a market-leading consumer lending and borrowing platform for cryptocurrencies.

Leah’s talk will focus on what makes her organization similar to a bank and how its reliance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech allows it to deliver better services.  During her presentation she’ll cover some of the most interesting features that Celsius offers and give a demo.  She’ll also give us some insight into their current stats, adoption by the market and expected future growth and talk about Celsius’ roadmap.

She writes:

Nowadays wealth inequality is built in to our financial services infrastructure. In 2008 after the banks collapsed and were deemed “too big to fail” the little project known as Bitcoin started to give us a glimpse of what an alternative might look like. Satoshi’s white paper gave us the opportunity to fundamentally redefine who reaps the benefits of financial services, but this revolution is much larger than bitcoin. It is allowing us to redefine who our financial services optimize value for.

Leah Jonas was one of Celsius Network’s first hires, and she has contributed to all phases of the company’s development. She was directly involved in the white label integration of Celsius’ services into a multiple platforms, which led to an increase in AUM measuring in the tens of millions of dollars. She is currently responsible for Celsius’ European operations and strategy.  Before joining Celsius she held sales and marketing roles for startups in Denver. She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Arizona.

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Celsius Network’s Leah Jonas