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Logan Saether, Smart Contract Engineer at ChronoLogic

Logan Saether of ChronoLogic

Ethereum Alarm Clock

At Bitcoin Wednesday’s CoinFest edition on 4 April, 2018, smart contract engineer Logan Saether of ChronoLogic will demonstrate the Ethereum Alarm Clock (EAC). ChronoLogic is a team specialized in building time-based smart contracts, and Logan is considered an authority on the subject.

Those who recall Andreas Antonopoulos’ excellent presentation on Streaming Money at Bitcoin Wednesday in 2016, might already understand some of the use cases and potential implications of time-based transactions.  The EAC could provide support for those kinds of developments.  It is an open source smart contract protocol that enables users of Ethereum to schedule transactions. Originally created by Piper Merriam in 2015, ChronoLogic began contributing to it in 2017 when they realized a growing need for this functionality but found that the contracts were not in a working state. Now that ChronoLogic’s development is bringing it close to a main net release, they are raising awareness and spreading knowledge about the Alarm Clock to developers and potential integration partners.  Wallets, exchanges and other service providers are interested in adopting this technology.  For example, MyCrypto is working with ChronoLogic to integrate the Ethereum Alarm Clock into their wallet.

Logan currently works on the infrastructure of the Ethereum Alarm Clock and leads research at ChronoLogic into additional use cases for the protocol.  Before coming to ChronoLogic he was CTO of TokenBnk, and previously studied at Arizona State University.

He writes, “When I discovered Ethereum I realized it was a technology that could solve issues I cared about and promote a more individualistic and free world.”

Logan Saether of ChronoLogic