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Malcolm Tan, CEO of CrowdBank

Malcolm Tan, CEO of Crowdbank

Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 September, 2018 will be held at ABN Amro Bank’s Circl, their center for innovation and sustainability.  For this event, we’re proud to present Malcolm Tan, CEO of CrowdBank, who will talk about the future of retail banking in a cryptocurrency world.

CrowdBank aims to offer an array of cryptocurrency and retail banking services via the NEO blockchain, including exchange services, peer-to-peer payments, lending and insurance.  It also plans to introduce a CrowdBank cryptocurrency with a stable value that will be tethered to the value of the euro.

“Crowdbank will be a revolutionary crypto-bank,” Malcolm explains.  “With our own stable coin in this ecosystem, we believe we can remove friction and enable the industry start growing.”

Malcolm’s presentation will address:

  • Regulatory issues within the industry, and how governments around the world are treating cryptocurrencies;
  • Friction and barriers to growth in the industry, and what CrowdBank will do to remove them;
  • How to unlock illiquid assets and bring them into the industry;
  • How to give cryptocurrency deposit interest; and
  • How credit card payments will be made through crypto holdings and assets.

Crowdbank is currently raising $25 million in a private campaign that will run until the end of September, 2018, with a pre-sale and whitelisting round from October 1 – 31, and an ICO from 1 November until 30 November.  Their soft cap is $25 million, and they are aiming for a $80 million hard cap.

Malcolm is an established Singaporean lawyer with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT and financial services industries.  He also serves as Chairman and General Counsel of Gravitas International, which provides ICO consulting and advisory services for more than 30 ICOs and clients from the UK, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan and Singapore.  The company is a full service, end-to-end service provider with advisory, corporate structuring, legal, white paper, tokenomics, marketing, PR, smart contract and Dapp development capabilities as well as post-ICO activities such as exchange listings, token offering underwriting and business development. A practicing lawyer, Malcolm is skilled at litigation, corporate law and mergers and acquisitions.  He previously held legal counsel positions across the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and North American regions.

He has direct interests or own companies in legal services, corporate services, corporate advisory, finance, wealth management and digital marketing, which can be substantial success factors for new businesses.  He also has exposure and connections in multiple industries, including corporate advisory, technology and finance, including venture capital and private equity, especially related to the fintech, consulting and ICO markets.  Last year he published the book, “How to ICO / ITO within the Legal and Regulatory Framework in Singapore”.  He has also done regulatory reviews and consulted with multiple governments, and is a frequent speaker on ICO and cryptocurrency regulations and law.

Malcolm Tan, CEO of Crowdbank