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Renewable Energy

Mario Pavlović, Product Owner at EnergyWeb

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s conference on energy, sustainability and social impact on 2 October 2019, we’ll hear from the new wave of energy sector enthusiasts.  Mario Pavlovic is a Product Owner at Energy Web Foundation who is working on Origin, a toolkit for tracking and trading renewable energy with blockchain technology.  The solution allows both large and small buyers and sellers to trade renewable energy certificates.  It can also accurately trace the origin of energy down to the kilowatt hour.

As with many new technologies, one of the biggest challenges for the platform is its adoption by the energy market.  Mario is directly responsible for matching Origin’s technical capabilities with the needs of the industry.   His presentation will not only cover how the solution works but show how he coordinates technical development to explore new business models and use cases.

Before joining Energy Web Mario was a software developer, system architect and tech lead.  He was also head of product for Bellabeat, a Y Combinator-backed company.  His vision for a greener, more sustainable future involves a decentralized, automated and transparent world that is powered by renewable sources.

Mario Pavlović, Product Owner at EnergyWeb