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Mark Spanbroek, Software Designer at Philips Research

Mark Spanbroek, Software Designer at Philips

Cogito: Privacy Starts with Identity

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 March 2020, Mark Spanbroek of Philips Research will present Cogito, a mobile app that helps you control your identity.  Mark specializes in designing software that helps people enjoy their freedom and privacy.  He is a software designer at the team that investigates trust- and privacy-enhancing technologies.  Cogito is Philips’ identity product, an open source self-sovereign identity management eco-system.  It supports a friendly way to identify yourself to websites and to perform blockchain transactions and encryption.

“We created Cogito to be a starting point for true privacy online,” Mark writes.  “It not only respects your privacy, but also guarantees that your identity is really owned by you.”

During his talk, Mark will give an overview of his latest work on Cogito, along with a short demo on how to use it.  He’ll also show how hassle-free the experience is when you integrate it into your Ethereum web app.

The solution makes it easy to separate working life from private life by supporting multiple facets of your identity.   You control all facets and can choose which facets you present to websites.  Built with Ethereum smart contracts in a React-based client application, it allows you to quickly sign Ethereum transactions without the hassle and stores your keys safely on your mobile phone.

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Mark Spanbroek, Software Designer at Philips