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Blockchain for the Public Sector

Making her first appearance at Bitcoin Wednesday for the 5-Year Anniversary Edition, is the manager of the international strategy of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Marloes Pomp.  She will present her vision on what she calls, Blockchain, The Dutch Approach.  She is helping to coordinate a collection of 30 public sector pilot projects that are based on this disruptive tech, and will talk about how and why the Bitcoin hype has translated into enthusiasm for the underlying disruptive technology in the public sector in The Netherlands.

In her role as program leader, Marloes has worked on blockchain-related projects with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Domestic Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Dutch Tax Authority, the Dutch Office for Budget and Audit, the Dutch Office of Land Registry, the Council for Legal Aid, the Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for National Health and the Bureau for Environment and Transport.  Alongside this work, she also gives training programs, including the ICT Masterclass for public sector officials, and regularly speaks at conferences.