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Menno Weij, Partner at Solv

Menno Weij, Lawyer at Amsterdam-based ICT law firm, Solv

Appearing on the conference program of Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 November is Menno Weij, partner at Solv, an Amsterdam-based law firm specialized in technology, media and communication. He will specifically address the recent ruling from the EU Court of Justice that bitcoins are exempt from VAT. He draws from 17 years of experience in Dutch tech law to inform his perspective on the emerging digital currency sector.

Menno is the partner handling the case now in appeal from the court in Overijssel about whether or not Bitcoin is money, something else or something more. He specializes in ICT law, outsourcing, eCommerce and privacy as well as copyright and trademark law. Menno’s practice focuses primarily on issues related to software and Internet, including open source projects. He provides legal advice, assists in drafting, reviewing and negotiating complex ICT contracts and litigates regularly, as he is now doing in the Overijssel Bitcoin case.

Together with his colleague Berthold Rosendahl Menno co-founded IncPlus, an incubator for startups. IncPlus offers a long-term, risk bearing commitment that helps startups to grow and maximize their value. While Dutch lawyers are restricted by law from accepting equity or any other store of value aside from giro or fiat as payment from their clients, IncPlus makes an interesting, distinct exception for the entrepreneurs admitted to their program.

Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Menno Weij, Lawyer at Amsterdam-based ICT law firm, Solv

PUBLISHED : October 27, 2015