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ABN Amro’s Blockchain Lab

Michael van den Berg Business Analyst at ABN Amro Bank

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 December, 2018, Michael van den Berg of ABN Amro’s Blockchain Lab will give us a look at some of the bank’s work on decentralized ecosystems.  He’ll talk about the Blockchain Lab’s activities and give some insight into how decentralized ecosystems change how ABN Amro partners with other organizations and with the government.  His presentation will also address how the bank has addressed the challenge of developing decentralized solutions and incorporating potentially disruptive technology into its centralized business.

He writes, “How does a company change its focus and begin looking outwardly at creating value acrosss decentralized ecosystems instead of mostly internally at yourself?  Most of all, why would a company like ABN Amro want this transformation?  To explain why, we have to go back to the root of human interaction.”

Michael is an economist and a graduate of Erasmus University who turned to ICT and now works as an Information Security professional at ABN Amro.  He is involved in helping the bank identify opportunities to use blockchain technology and then decide how and where to deploy it.

Michael van den Berg Business Analyst at ABN Amro Bank